Seeland Field 17 Inch Wellingtons - Olive

Image of Seeland Field 17 Inch Wellingtons - Olive

Seeland Field 17 Inch Wellingtons - Olive

Price £54.99 RRP £79.99

Product Details

Seeland Field 17 Inch Wellington, an entry level rubber boot in high quality with good support and walking comfort.

Seeland Natural Rubber 52

Fully vulcanized and handmade with natural rubber. The combination of high quality natural rubber (52%) and added components makes this natural rubber very durable and functional in all temperatures.

Seeland Mud-Master Sole System

Fully vulcanized cup sole of natural rubber provides optimal grip on all surfaces. Stabilizing glassfiber shank and 90 degrees heel for freestand.

Handmade Seeland Rubber Boots

Every single natural rubber piece is handcrafted over an aluminium last. In order to satisfy all needs for fit and function Seeland uses several different lasts, depending which function the rubber boot is developed for. 

Making a Seeland rubber boot needs real shoemakers who know their craft very well. Seeland use the best available raw rubber in order to make very strong and functional boots which will maintain the natural rubbers abilities even under extreme low temperatures.


After all rubber pieces have been hand layed over the last the boot is ready to be vulcanized. By using several rubber pieces you create a perfect fit and you can reinforce special areas on the boot where you need more protection. The vulcanization is done in a type of oven at 120-130C degrees for about 1 hour. Here all the rubber pieces are vulcanized to one piece. Resulting in a 100% waterproof and strong boot.

100% Waterproof

At Seeland we test every single rubber boot after the vulcanization process. This ensures that every boot which leaves our factory is 100% waterproof. The test is done by adding light air pressure to the rubber boot and then lowering it into fresh water, if any air bubbles occur it is leaking and will be destroyed. This unique test shows how much Seeland demand of every single product.

Remember to care for your Seeland rubber footwear; rinse in fresh water, dry with a cloth and add Seeland Rubber footwear care. This will ensure you obtain a longer lifespan.

UK Size

Calf Width

UK 2 38.6cm
UK 3 39.4cm
UK 4 40.4cm
UK 5 40.7cm
UK 6 41.7cm
UK 7 42.7cm
UK 8 43.2cm
UK 9 44.3cm
UK 10 45.3cm
UK 11 46.5cm
UK 12 47cm
UK 13 47.8cm
UK 14 48.8cm


Product Specification

Lining Nylon
Outsole Seeland Mud-Master
Upper Seeland Natural Rubber 52
Footbed Anatomical Fit
Waterproof Yes