Shimano Stradic FK 1000 Spinning Reel

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Shimano Stradic FK 1000 Spinning Reel - 1000 - ST1000HGFK

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Product Details

Manufacturer code: ST1000HGFK     |     Our code: 126927

Shimano Stradic FK 1000 Spinning Reel. The extremely durable Hagane gear in the Stradic FK provides excellent efficiency and strength. The stiff hybrid XGT-7 and aluminium body create the perfect protection and support for the X-Ship system and shielded A-RB bearings to work to their maximum effect and efficiency. The waterproof front drag has fine, controlled adjustment and the Rigid Support Drag eliminates any deviation of the spool when set to minimum drag. The screw in handle minimizes the play and loss of energy, because it’s in direct contact with the gears. The Stradic FK has stepped away from its iconic white colour and been reborn as a completely new reel, both technically and cosmetically.


  • Hagane Gear: The HAGANE Drive Gear is produced by Shimano's coldforging technology, without the need for additional machining. This delivers a longlasting smoothness, strength, lightness and power at the very heart of the reel. Traditional diecast, machined gears are less durable under heavy loads
  • AR-C Spool: Shimano ARC Spool is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts. ARC spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind knots when using braid
  • S ARB: Shimano S ARB bearings are high corrosion resistant ARB ball bearings with an extra shield for improved protection against sand, salt or dust
  • XGT7 is an improved version of the tried and trusted Shimano XT7 composite material. Used on some of the newest midpriced reels XGT7 is lightweight and stiff
  • XShip: XShip is a combination of features that work together to create much greater efficiency. By positioning the pinion gear close to the centre line of the large diameter drive gear, more power is transferred from the handle to the rotor. The pinion gear is also supported by two Shimano ARB roller bearings. This creates more stability
  • One Piece Bail: The onepiece bail wire has no gap for line to snag on during normal operation. Made of Stainless Steel, it reduces friction and allows the line to get onto the line roller quicker
  • Aero Wrap II: Aero Wrap and the advanced Aero Wrap II is a worm gear oscillation system with a specially designed pitch to create optimal oscillation speeds. This provides superb uniform line lay to reduce loss of energy during the cast. Aero Wrap II is considered one of the best line lay systems in the world
  • Hagane Body: The HAGANE Body is produced from highrigidity aluminium or magnesium. This creates stiffness and impact resistance, while at the same time eliminating flexing of the body. The result is a rocksolid housing and support for the moving internal gearing and greater efficiency throughout the reel
  • Hypergear: The precision engineered main Hypergear transmits more power from the handle to the rotor. Designed to exacting tolerances, it requires less effort but returns more retrieve playing torque with vastly reduced component wear
  • Floating Shaft II: The key friction area on most fixed spool reels is where the spool drive shaft meets the pinion. Shimano designers have overcome this by reducing a large percentage of surface area contact and incorporating bearings on either side of the shaft. The resultant design leaves the shaft in a 'floating' position, considerably improving efficiency and longevity
  • CoreProtect: CoreProtect prevents water entering the body, from under the rotor at the front of the body and also into the Roller Bearing unit
  • Cold Forged Aluminium: Cold Forged aluminium is used for some 'round' reels, fly reels and is also used for many types of spool. Made from one single piece of aluminium Cold Forging produces great strength
  • Super Stopper II eliminates backward movement and free play in the handle when the reel is set in antireverse
  • ARC Spool: Shimano ARC Spool is a patented spool design with an angled spool lip. This design enables the line to leave the spool with less friction and in smaller coils resulting in longer more accurate casts. ARC spools are proven to reduce backlash and wind knots when using braid
  • Waterproof Drag: Using special protection gaskets, the drag is protected against the intrusion of water for more consistent drag performance
  • DynaBalance: DynaBalance reduces wobble during the retrieve by counter balancing the rotor to enhance sensitivity and smoothness. By using computer balancing Shimano are able to redistribute the rotor weight to create eliminate vibrations
  • Rigid Support Drag: Rigid Support Drag eliminates spool movement and wobble, even at light drag settings. The result is an incredibly smooth drag even at extremely light settings
  • Diecast Aluminium: Diecast Aluminium is used for many types of reel and is most common on fixed spool reel bodies and rotors. It is also used for spools on P4 fixed spool reels and come baitcasting models
  • Power Roller: the special grooved design of the Shimano Power Roller significantly reduces line twist and is a big advantage when using thin mono and braid


Concept: Hagane

Family Type: Spinning

Models: 1000HG, 2500HG, C3000HG, 4000XG, C5000XG

Bearings: 6 Shielded A-RB & 1 roller bearing

Line lay: Aerowrap II + 1-speed

Extra spool: 0

Handle: Single machined aluminium

Body material: Diecast aluminium/XT-7

Spool material: Cold forged aluminium

Maintenance port: No

Waterproof drag: Yes



Spare spool

Weight (g) Gear ratio

Line capacity (mm/m)

Line capacity (lb/yds) Bearings


195 6,0:1 0.18-145 / 0.20-135 / 0.25-90 2-270 / 4-140 / 6-110 6 S A-RB & 1 RB


235 6,0:1 0.18-290 / 0.20-240 / 0.25-160 6-200 / 8-140 / 10-120 6 S A-RB & 1 RB
STC3000HGFK RD17226 230 6,0:1 0.25-210 / 0.30-130 / 0.35-100 6-230 / 8-170 / 10-140 6 S A-RB & 1 RB
ST4000XGFK RD17238 280 6,2:1 0.25-260 / 0.30-180 / 0.35-130 / 0.40-100 8-240 / 10-200 / 12-160 6 S A-RB & 1 RB
STC5000XGFK RD17268 320 6,2:1 0.30-240 / 0.35-175 / 0.40-120 10-240 / 12-195 / 14-165 6 S A-RB & 1 RB


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